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       台州市 福帝欧卫浴有限公司是一家集研发、设计、制造、销售为 一体的现代化的卫浴厂家。源自欧 州和国内相结合生活理念,带来尊贵、品味、高雅的浴室文化。主要产 品有欧式古典浴室柜、简欧浴室柜、实木浴室柜。雄厚的经济实力,先进的管理理念,精英化的管理团队,强大的技术开发实力,是福帝 欧卫浴发展的重要保证。简约时 尚里面透着欧陆风情,是福帝 欧贯穿主题的创作灵魂。
       公司秉承创新理念,追求卓越、迅速改善、永续经营的理念,以“质量是第一工作,顾客的 满意是我们的荣誉”作为我 们永远不变的质量政策,以爱护环境、回报社会、关爱员 工等社会责任为己任,把“团结、负责、创新”的团队 精神作为福帝欧人不断的追求和目标,愿与广 大朋友携手共创美好明天,福帝欧 注定要成为浴室柜行业一颗璀璨的新星。

        Taizhou FUDIO Sanitary Ware CoLtd is an integrated bathroom cabinets manufacturer with the abilities in R&Ddesign production and sales to all of the world. Our products design originates from the combination of concept of life in Europe and China and elegance .We have strong economic strength and advanced management team and strong technical development power are the significant assurance for the development of FUDIO. Brief fashion, which reveals the European style, that is the spirit of FUDIO style.

        Fudio company upholding constant innovationmushroom growth and cooperate for longtime with customers . We takes “quality as first work, Customer’s satisfaction is our honor” as our quality Policy. FUDlO shoulders social responsibilities including environmental protection, return to the society, care for employees as our own duties. We take responsible and creative as our unceasing pursuit and target. We are willing to cooperate with our friends to create nice future. We believe FUDIO will be a superstar in the industry of bathroom cabinets.